Elbe Medical is an international wholesaler, offering  pharmaceuticals, medical devices and supplies at affordable prices, primarily to customers in the Czech Republic.  We supply a wide range of high quality products to ensure all our client’s healthcare product needs are met.


We supply medical clinics, chemists’ shops (pharmacies), medical spas, dermatology clinics, and other medical suppliers with high quality, authentic healthcare products without letting our exceptional service impact cost.





We bring the world to the Czech Republic —  supplying all types of pharmaceutical and medical devices at competitive rates. With a rich network of licensed suppliers and partners, our customers are connected to a worldwide supply chain. We are therefore able to provide authentic products at better prices than local suppliers.

Our core business is ensuring customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services in a timely and efficient manner.

With our global network, you can access the highest quality pharmaceuticals and medical devices at wholesale prices. Whatever your budget is, we are here to serve you cost-effectively and enable you to run your business smoothly.

Elbe Medical can also help you with inventory management so that you can concentrate on serving your patients. This saves you both time and money.


Thanks to our established network of carefully-selected co-operation partners and suppliers, our clients have access to the highest quality medicines and medical devices at wholesale prices. At Elbe Medical, we know that with a wide variety of products and ease of access, you can increase the efficiency of your business and thus boost your bottom line.

We understand your local market, and the unique challenges you face when it comes to the reliable sourcing of medical products. Leverage our access to a broad supply of medical products from the EU and beyond to enable your operation to succeed.
With a rich network of partners and suppliers spread across the EU and internationally, we have access to all types of healthcare products you need to run a medical clinic, chemist shop, or medical supply wholesale service smoothly.
International Reach
We offer wholesale customers in the Czech Republic high-quality medical products without the premiums that our competitors charge. Build and scale your business by choosing Elbe Medical.
Authentic Products Only
We source our pharmaceuticals and medical devices from the best and we are committed to the highest standards of medical practice. We only deal with trusted, reputable, and established brands that are licensed in the industry, and we only supply certified medical devices and high-quality brand and generic medications.
Affordable Pricing
We pride ourselves in offering our healthcare products at competitive rates that are better than local suppliers. Affordability is our driving factor and we go to all lengths to ensure you only get authentic products at the best rates in the industry.
Customised Service
Our team is knowledgeable and highly-skilled on all matters of medical products. Our professionals are here to provide customised and comprehensive solutions to meet all your pharmaceutical and medical device needs.
Are you looking for a reliable supplier for healthcare products for your business? Elbe Medical is here for you! Our customers trust our services because we never fail on our delivery and in the quality and pricing of our products.
Authorised Registered Distributor
Elbe Medical is a licensed pharmaceutical and medical devices wholesale supplier. We supply healthcare products for pharmacies, chemist’s shops, hospitals, medical clinics, medical spas, and medical supply wholesalers in primarily within the Czech Republic. We also serve export markets in around the world, including Africa, South/Central America and Asia.