At Elbe Medical, we have invested in the right equipment and personnel for efficient and effective service of customers throughout the Czech Republic.


With our rich network of co-operation partners spread across the European Union, and internationally, we can supply you with the products you require. At Elbe Medical, we will deliver the medical supplies you need at very competitive prices.


For the best deals on your medical supplies, kindly reach out to us.


We specialize in servicing businesses such as:

Medical Clinics
Pharmaceutical Stores
Medical Spas
Dermatology Clinics
Private Practices
Medical Supply Wholesalers

We proudly serve customers throughout the Czech Republic.

We also serve export markets around the world, including developing markets in Africa, South/Central America and Asia.

Product Range
At Elbe Medical, we stock all types of medicine and medical supplies to cover all our clients’ needs. We have a wealth of knowledge in the healthcare industry and understand all the challenges and the complexities of this field. We have, therefore, positioned ourselves strategically to offer comprehensive solutions to all, including those in small market niches. Whatever type of medical supply your customers and patients require, we are here, and we ensure it is delivered to you on time and at competitive rates.
Customer Satisfaction
For us, the customer is king. We will not settle until you are fully satisfied. We go the extra mile to ensure we meet and even exceed customers’ expectations. With timely delivery, competitive rates, and a wide range of products, we make each sale an amazing experience for all our customers.
There is nothing as important in business as being reliable. We are dependable, and you can always count on us because we never fail. We ensure we deliver on-time and our products get to our customers safely and intact. We always endeavor to be consistent and reliable to make it possible for our clients to run their businesses smoothly.
The heart of our business is about offering affordable products to our clients. Elbe Medical has designed its product offerings to fit our customers' budget. With our established network of international partners, our products are offered at very competitive rates.
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